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Why can't I track users across both of my websites?

Q: I have two websites and Marketo can't track web page activity for both of them, why?

A: I assume you have two different domain names ( and Cookies aren't sharable across domains (preventing cross-site scripting attacks). However, cookies can be shared across top-level domains (,

To set up multiple website tracking with Marketo, you need to add additional CNAMES. Here's the official documentation on multiple domain tracking.

How does Marketo track pageviews with multiple workspaces?

Q:  If I have multiple workspaces in Marketo, how does Marketo know which page belongs to which  workspace?

A: In order track multiple workspaces and/or websites in a single shared instance, Marketo uses the same tracking code Munchkin.init(‘123-MKT-456’), but adds a new parameter to distinguish between workspaces {“wsInfo”:“d1LP”}.

Your Munchkin was:
becomes  Munchkin.init(‘123-MKT-456’, {“wsInfo”:“d1LP”});

Each additional workspace will have a different wsInfo parameter:
 {“wsInfo”:“d1LQ”},  {“wsInfo”:“d1LR”},  {“wsInfo”:“d1LS”}