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Get Marketo Certified - Step 1: Assess your skills

By becoming certified with Marketo, you'll bring your team and organization valuable knowledge, and you will become a worthy asset. However, passing the test can be easier said than done, so it is crucial to your success that you follow a structured study plan and are prepared for the exam. Let's talk about what to expect and how to assess your skills before you start studying.

The Test Basics

The test is 100 questions, and you'll have 90 minutes to complete it which gives you roughly 54 seconds to answer each question. That means you must be able to answer each question quickly without much thought.

The Marketo Certified Expert exam breaks down into the following weighted categories:

Program Fundamentals—30%

  • Engagement Programs
  • A/B Testing
  • Webinar Programs
  • Event Programs
  • Flow Steps
  • Trigger Rules

Lead management—20%

  • Managing Sales-Ready Leads
  • Sales-Accepted Leads
  • SLAs


  • Form Visibility Rules
  • Handling Hard/Soft Bounces
  • Using Scoring Tokens
  • Form Display Text vs. Data Values


  • Email Tokens
  • How Token Inheritance Works
  • Displaying Dynamic Content


  • Reporting LP Conversion Rates
  • Calculating Cost per Success

Do this: Assess Your Skills

Before starting your studying regimen, you need to know where you stand on all of the fundamentals and other features. You can’t improve your skills if you don’t know what needs work! After reading through these topics and seeing their importance in relation to the entire test, ask yourself “What am I most familiar with?” and “Of this list, which topics have I never heard of before?”

Once you have answers to these questions, you can better plan your studying and can work smarter instead of harder. Determine when you will take the test so you can use the time leading up the text effectively. Once you know what you should focus on, you can move onto the next step where you'll create a winning game plan!