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Get Marketo Certified - Step 2: Plan your training

Once you understand the basics of the test and have performed a self-assessment to determine which areas need work, you can then start planning your training. You can't just study a few hours here, a few hours there, and hope that you will do well on the test. Instead, you must approach this as an athlete training for a marathon or other event. Your training must be methodical and follow a strict schedule to ensure you are adequately managing your study time.

When students follow a strict study schedule, we've found they have much higher success than those that don't. We've boiled success on the Marketo Certified Expert exam to the following three words:

Consistency and repetition.

Itʼs as easy as that.

Here are the steps to help you plan your training schedule:

Finding the Time

For new test-takers, the general consensus is that it takes around 40 hours of total study time to pass the test. Dividing these 40 hours is entirely up to you, and if your test is a way's away, you won't have to cram so much studying into one week.

Determine how many weeks you have until the test and then divide the total 40 hours between those weeks. From there you can determine how many days you want to spread out your training. You can study for an hour on every workday or you can cram it all into your evening time.

● For instance, if you have 12 weeks, that's only 3.5 hours each week. ● 30 minutes Monday-Friday, plus a half-hour review

● Eight weeks? That's 5 hours every week.

● An hour a day, Monday-Friday, plus add in a half-hour review

Donʼt Forget Weekly Reviews

Something many new students forget is the critical weekly review. It only needs to take around 30 minutes, but going over the material for the week will help you drive the topics home, and you won't forget them once it comes time to take the test.

Once youʼve determined your training plan, you can then start scheduling it around your daily life.