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Get Marketo Certified - Step 4: Your study style

Everybody studies differently. Many of us find our unique study style while still in school, but have you ever considered that you could be studying better?

There are different areas of thought when it comes to studying, and everyone will be different. That being said, when studying for a significant test like the Marketo Certification exam, any ways that you can maximize your time and increase your studying efficiency are encouraged.

These are two of our favorite study strategies that many students have used for great success in the past:

The Grind

Youʼre probably more familiar with this type of study strategy. The grind is where you only focus on only one or two topics a week. You memorize these and put all of your mental energy into them. This strategy is more linear based than other study habits and is best when trying to fill gaps in knowledge.

By following this strategy, you will need to review everything that youʼve learned at the end of the training program right before the test.

The painterly approach

This strategy confuses people when they first learn it, and many initially think it is ineffective compared to traditional study habits like the grind. That being said, many of our students have found success with this strategy while others have stumbled. It depends on the type of learner that you are.

The primary concept is to look at your entire study program as one big canvas. The Old Masters would work on multiple parts of their canvas as they waited for sections to dry. You can use your study plan brush to paint different parts of the canvas at a time instead of following a strict path.

The most significant benefit of following this study approach is that it will keep you fresh and you won't feel burned out after focusing on only one or two things for an entire week. You can learn a little bit about everything as you study and by the end of the training schedule, you'll have a completed picture comprised of your studies.

The painterly approach is best for students who have a good idea of how Marketo works as a whole, and have a broad range of experience.


Those are the two strategies that we've found to work when studying for the Marketo exam. We recommend you try each for at least one week and see which best works for you.